Call for collaborators in entrepreneurship studies

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We seek collaborators who study entrepreneurship and have an interest in sustainability to apply for seed funding together. 

Join our joint publication initiative, "Sustainability Affordances in the European Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: A Comparative Study," aimed at exploring sustainability within regional entrepreneurial ecosystems across Europe. We focus on three major regions: the Nordic countries, the Continent (Italy, France, Germany), and Eastern Europe (Austria, Bulgaria, and others). Using the tentative QCA method, we aim to uncover the affordances, mechanisms, and policy implications for sustainability in entrepreneurship. 

Our project aligns with SDG 9. This initiative promises novel insights through comparative analysis, revealing how regional peculiarities influence sustainability integration in entrepreneurial ecosystems. Collaborate with us to advance sustainability in entrepreneurial studies, contribute to academic and policy developments, and help shape a more sustainable future for European entrepreneurial ecosystems.

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