Núria Agulló Chaler

Universitat Ramon Llull


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I am Núria Agulló Chaler. I studied Chemistry at the IQS (URL) and got my PhD in Analytical Chemistry in 1998. Since then I have been working as a researcher at the MAterials Science Laboratory. I have been working for 24 years as a chemist in both teaching and at companies' service (developing new materials, solving troubleshooting, etc.).

I have always been sensitive to the community service and the potential social impact of universities, and I got the degree of Social Educator last 2021. I also volunteer in different associations since 2018.

Given these both backgrounds, I had been given the opportunity of promote and institucionalize the Service-Learnign methodology in my institution. THe IQS S-L project started one year ago, and it is getting more end more relevance among our professors and students. I'd love to find ways to enrich communities, by promoting the engaged mobility  for our students, and alliances such as ENGAGE.EU is the best platform to achieve this purpose.

I hope becoming part of this group turns into a  narrow relationship beteen our universities, and we together can close the gap between university and community; I'm really convinced that we have to train professionals that are engaged and able to transform the world.


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