Rallou Taratori

Universitat Ramon Llull


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Mixed methods
Panel data
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Qualitative methods
Quantitative methods
Surveys and questionnaires
Textual analysis
Theoretical modelling
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Rallou Taratori (ORCID: 0000-0002-0770-9931) is a PhD candidate at the Department of Ethics at the School of Management at the IQS Universidad Ramon Llull, working within the "Sustainability, Economics & Ethics" group. She is currently working on operationalizing the central promise to ‘Leave No One Behind’ (LNOB) of the Sustainable Development Goals, through an intersectional lens that can reveal how different types of deprivations and forms of discrimination interact with each other and harden the realities of (groups of) individuals. This way she aims to effectively combat the injustices that are reflected through poverty in all its forms and multidimensional and pervasive inequalities. Her PhD is done in collaboration with the UNDP IEO, and she has received the Enric Julia Doctoral Grant from IQS. She holds a BSc in Rural and Surveying Engineering with focus on Transportation Engineering and Hydraulics. She also holds an Erasmus Mundus double MSc in Smart Cities and Communities and Mechanical Engineering, for which she had received a full Merit scholarship for the whole duration of the program. She has 3 publications in peer reviewed journals and has presented her work at 2 international conferences. Her main interests of research are: theories and initiatives of social justice, combating multidimensional poverty and persistent structural inequalities, Sustainable Development, intersectionality, the Capability Approach, and the ‘Leave No One Behind’.


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