Xiaoguang Wu

NHH Norwegian School of Economics


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Academic Background

With a rich blend of academic and entrepreneurial experience, my journey is characterised by a deep commitment to understanding and advancing sustainability in entrepreneurship. I had been an entrepreneur for 13 years before transitioning into research, driven by a profound concern for societal issues. My international education background includes an MBA from Beijing and an MSc in Entrepreneurship from London. As a researcher at the Norwegian School of Economics, my work is situated within the Department of Strategy and Management, where I am privileged to collaborate with leading academics and practitioners dedicated to advancing our understanding of entrepreneurship.


Research Interests

My research interests are deeply rooted in the qualitative and quantitative exploration of how sustainability is strategically understood and implemented by entrepreneurs and startups. This includes a focus on the narratives, interactions, strategies, and practices that underpin entrepreneurship and its impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Drawing upon my extensive background, I seek to uncover the stories and voices of entrepreneurs who are at the forefront of integrating sustainability into their strategies. I aim to challenge conventional notions of sustainability in the business realm, exploring counterintuitive approaches to sustainability in entrepreneurship. This involves delving deeper into the nuanced microfoundations and mechanisms of sustainability, not just for researchers, but for the most relevant stakeholders involved in this sphere.


Current Research

My current research revolves around the pivotal question: "What does sustainability mean for entrepreneurs, startups, and the entrepreneurial system?" This inquiry seeks to unravel the multifaceted dimensions of sustainability in the entrepreneurial landscape, investigating how sustainable practices are integrated into business models, how sustainability flows among stakeholders, what is the power of sustainability, the impact of sustainability on entrepreneurial success, and the role of startups in driving systemic change towards a more sustainable economy.


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