European University

ENGAGE.EU is an alliance of leading European universities in business, economics, and the social sciences, which aims to provide European citizens with the set of skills and competences needed to tackle major societal challenges. These existing and new challenges, such as digitalisation and artificial intelligence, climate change, ageing societies and migration, must be tackled successfully to ensure a sustainable and positive future. The research themes on this research collaboration platform are closely connected to the societal challenges that ENGAGE.EU aims to address. Read the full strategy of ENGAGE.EU on R&I.


Our ambition is to enable our learners and academics to act as socially engaged European citizens and to society at large as experts on business and economics and social sciences. For this purpose, we have decided to transform ourselves into the ENGAGE.EU European University and change the way we educate, investigate, innovate and reach out. We want to become an incubator for building the knowledge on future business needs, driving economic capability and societal development based on academic excellence and working with society. The regional distribution of our universities allows for an innovative “think local, act global” approach: combining the knowledge on the specifics of the regional ecosystems and linking them at the European level will offer multi-dimensional and sustainable solutions. 

Community for Research & Innovation

Think Tank group

Our research community is a network where you can share knowledge and new insights and support and help each other. Moreover, you can collaborate more intensively for original thinking, challenging the boundaries of research and innovation. You can map and analyze 

societal change drivers, pool, share and link data resources. Together, we push the boundaries of research and innovation by joining forces with actors from industry, non-profit organizations and the public sector, aiming for durable impact. This online community platform is the main infrastructure to facilitate collaboration, making it easy to connect to colleagues, initiate projects and work in groups.

Other opportunities for the research community:

As well as offering this collaboration platform, we organize specific other opportunities for the ENGAGE.EU research community:

  • ENGAGE.EU Think Tank: the advanced study center for intensive interdisciplinary academic exchange on critical societal challenges, organized twice a year.
  • ENGAGE.EU Conferences: where researchers come together physically to discuss current work
  • ENGAGE.EU Grant Desk: where external funding opportunities are shared, where you can find co-applicants and help in applying for them
  • ENGAGE.EU joint teaching opportunities: ENGAGE.EU offers modules, courses and summer schools for students, as an academic you can develop and teach these courses and collaborate with international colleagues.
  • ENGAGE.EU platforms for data sharing and publication analysis: This platform is in development, more information will follow. 
  • ENGAGE.EU research project tools: Webapps for collaborating online, more information will follow.