Frequently Asked Questions

The collaboration group has 4 main functionalities:

1) you can share information, ask questions, discuss research questions and/or share links (e.g. of papers) in the discussion forum. Group members can easily reply and the conversation history is stored here, so you can always come back later to find something that was previously shared. Group members will receive a notification when something is added to the discussion (unless they opted out of the notifications). 

2) You can share some documents in the group, and a link for a shared online storage space. We can't store too many documents on the platform, so you can use your own preferred tool to collaborate on documents and store files for the groups. 

3) you can add other links, e.g. the zoomlink for your monthly meeting, or the website links for the centres that you work with. 

4) the group gathers all the profiles of people with whom you work together. When you click on the profiles you can find more information about the person and the opportunities/events/groups he/she is active in. This can inspire you further. 

In 'about the group' and 'group rules' a group manager can also add other information or aims for the group, please read it for further instructions on how to use the group. 

Yes, you are welcome to join the community platform when you are (currently) not working as a researcher. For example, when you work in a research support role, when you're teaching one one of our research themes, or when you work in a partner organization that works closely with an ENGAGE.EU university. When you're unsure about you're role in the community, you can always contact the community manager. 

You are welcome to join our community platform, even when you're (currently) not working as a researcher. You can then fill in your profile with your previous disciplines and research themes, as well as methodological skills. In 'role' you can specify your current role. In 'bio' you can further explain what your role means, and why you joined the platform.

When you create an event/ a report/ a collaboration opportunity and even a group, you will be asked to select a research theme. This question is obligatory, since we need it for our filters, and it helps other community members to find your opportunity. Sometimes, it might not be evident for you to select a research theme. In that case you can select a theme that might be closest to the topic that you relate to. Also, you can decide to pick multiple themes, to indicate multidisciplinarity. If you really want to add an extra theme, you can contact the community manager, to find a solution.

Report & Inspire is our community's news section. You can add your own newsitem, blog or report here. We made a difference between Report and Inspire, where Report relates to story of an event that happened in the past. An Inspire article is something that you would like to share with the community, your draft ideas, a half-finished article or a blog item that you read somewhere else. When in doubt, you can always contact the community manager. Whichever you choose, your article will be read by our interested community.

You might. We also welcome lecturers, academic support staff, societal partners, entrepreneurs etc. Please get in contact with the community manager, and tell us why you would like to join the community. 

You can check the list of partner universities on this page. 

ENGAGE.EU is an alliance of leading European universities in business, economics, and the social sciences, which aims to provide European citizens with the set of skills and competences needed to tackle major societal challenges. You can find more information about ENGAGE.EU and the research community on this page. 

You might still be able to join the platform. Please contact the community manager, and tell us why you would like to join the community. Do you want to collaborate with researchers from the ENGAGE.EU network, please indicate which colleagues. 

The ENGAGE.EU research community offers this collaboration platform where you can share knowledge and new insights and support and help each other. Moreover, you can collaborate more intensively for original thinking, challenging the boundaries of research and innovation. You can map and analyze societal change drivers, pool, share and link data resources. The community gives you access to actors from industry, non-profit organizations and the public sector, from 9 different countries. It will help you to work more interdisciplinary, internationally and societally relevant. 

When you are a researcher working in one of the 9 ENGAGE.EU partner universities, it's really simple to become a member of this community platform. You can register yourself on the platform, and your account will be quickly validated by the community manager. When you're not affiliated with these ENGAGE.EU partner universities, you can contact the community manager for further information. 

Yes you can. Our platforms facilitates some discussion forum and document sharing. But you can link to videoconferencing tools, brainstorming tools, document storage tools etc that you would like to use for your collaboration. You can see your collaboration group as a place where all these other tools can be found. 

Yes, of course you can. We welcome researchers from other universities when they are invited by researchers from the ENGAGE.EU network. Get in contact with the community manager to introduce him/her. After that, this person can register to the platform and his/her account will be validated. 

You can invite everyone on this collaboration platform to join your collaboration group. Is your research partner not yet registered on the platform, ask him/her to make an account first. 

Is your collaboration partner not part of the ENGAGE.EU network? Then still, he/she might be able to join the platform. Get in contact with the community manager to introduce him/her to the community. 

You can invite anyone in the platform to start collaborating with you in a group. The easiest way is to 'create a group' and invite your colleagues to join that group. Or you can create a collaboration opportunity, inviting the whole community to consider joining your group. 

An account is automatically locked after 5 unsuccessful login attempts. Use the "Forgot Password?" link to unlock it.

Please check that the email address you have provided is correct, then check that the email is not in your Spam Folder. If you still cannot find the email please try registering again before contacting the Service Desk.

If you are getting a message that your email address is already in use, it means that you have an ENGAGE.EU account and should not register again.

Go to the registration form or look here for a step by step description.