Publishing null results: Their benefits and the path to publication - Mannheim Open Science Meetup

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Fiona Kazarovytska from Johannes Gutenberg Unviersity Mainz will join us to talk about her experiences in publishing null findings. 

Significant results are often considered more informative than non-significant findings. However, this view neglects the aspect that, for the cumulative development of scientific knowledge, it seems crucial to know which theories are empirically supported by which paradigms or methodological approaches, and which are not. While multi-lab study replications, registered reports, and statistical tests for equivalence (rather than significant differences) are gaining popularity, there is still a heated debate about the utility of null results. In this session, we will discuss the utility of null results from both scientific practice and theory-building perspectives. Additionally, we will take a look at the path to publishing null results that deviate from a well-known and widely accepted theory in the field of memory research.