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Dear ENGAGE.EU Research Community,

In the midst of a rapidly changing energy landscape, I've been delving into the intricate world of electricity price volatility, particularly the occurrence and implications of price spikes. As renewable energy production increases and we grapple with unforeseen economic circumstances, understanding these fluctuations is more crucial than ever.

My recent works revolve around dissecting the behavior of electricity markets, identifying the significant factors contributing to price spikes, and improving the accuracy of price forecasts. I've explored a range of methodologies and models, including the development and application of advanced forecasting techniques, to better grasp the probabilistic nature of electricity prices.

For instance, I've studied the impact of renewable energy integration on the price distribution tails and how global events like geopolitical tensions influence market dynamics. By analyzing data, including from Germany's energy market, I've sought to provide a more nuanced understanding of how these factors interplay and affect electricity prices.

These insights are vital for industry practitioners, policymakers, and researchers as we strive to make informed decisions in an increasingly unpredictable energy environment.

I invite you to engage with this topic further and share your perspectives. Your reactions and discussions will enrich our collective understanding and help drive innovation in energy forecasting and policy-making.

For those interested in delving deeper into the details of my research, I've attached a link to one of my papers available on SSRN. Feel free to explore it and reach out with any thoughts or inquiries. 

Warm regards,

Samaneh Sheybanivaziri