Collaboration Opportunity for Horizon Europe Forthcoming Calls under Pillar II - Cluster 2 "Culture, Creativity and Inclusive Society"

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Development Analytics Research and Training Association specializes in social policy and program development. As DevAn team, we are interested in developing project proposals for the upcoming Horizon Europe calls. We have identified two calls that we believe would be a good fit for our expertise:

HORIZON-CL2-2024-TRANSFORMATIONS-01-04 | Social services: economic and social returns and value-added. 

HORIZON-CL2-2024-TRANSFORMATIONS-01-10 | Effective education and labour market transitions of young people. 

We have prepared two seperate concept notes that outline our ideas and contributions for these calls and we are currently seeking consortium partners who are interested in collaborating with us to develop a project proposal for the forthcoming applications. Our main contributions in a consortium developed for these calls will be adopting various statistical techniques through the use of related cross-sectional and panel datasets and applying qualitative research methods collecting and using qualitative data.

If you or your organisation have an interest in submitting an application for one of these calls and would consider a partnership with our organization, please contact us to discuss next steps.

We look forward to being in touch! 

Development Analytics Research Team