Mehveş Demirer

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Political science
Methodological expertise
Field experiments
Qualitative methods
Surveys and questionnaires
Teaching experience
Masters level

As a Project Officer and Qualitative Researcher, I support research associates and project teams in research development and implementation. I contribute to seeking opportunities in new business development across various thematic areas such as poverty, health, education, labour, and social protection within my firm. I am experienced in conducting background research, literature reviews, qualitative research methods and writing reports for various projects by ensuring the timely delivery of high-quality deliverables. I have developed proficiency in interview guideline development, collecting, coding (NVIVO) and reporting qualitative data. Furthermore, I have experience in international project development and grant advising for Horizon Europe projects across pillars to provide assistance and technical support for project submission.
As a political scientist, I specialize in constitutional democracy, civil rights, political freedoms, and the examination of human rights violations within the context of constitutional malpractice. Additionally, I have developed a keen interest in addressing some of the pressing global challenges of our time, including sustainability, climate change, and soil crisis. By focusing on these critical issues, I aim to contribute to the broader understanding and advancement of sustainable practices and policies worldwide.


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