Self-Managing Organizations (SMO) - open research group

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As researchers in an emerging topic, my collaborator Selena Hernández (Toulouse Capitole) and I, J.J. Markus (WU Vienna) are keen to meet researchers focusing on the concepts of self-management and self-organization. More specifically, as coined by Lee & Edmondson (2017), "Self-Managing Organizations" (e.g., Holacracy, Sociocracy, or TEAL). 

We are currently both working with various organizations in the field on separate projects, but would like to set up a broader collaboration network! We focus on/are interested in subjects under the umbrella terms; People Practices (HR), Organization Design, Strategic Management, General Management, Digitization, Cross-Cultural Management. But feel absolutely free to suggest a topic we may have overlooked!

We thought ENGAGE.EU would be a good place to try to collaborate. So, If you are interested or know anyone who would be, please reply to this post, contact us at or via LinkedIn: Selena, Julian.

Hope to talk soon! 

Kind regards,

Selena & J.J.