Health and wellbeing

This research themes encompasses all life sciences, that are related to human (and animal) health and wellbeing. The focus can vary from molecules to human, from organisms to specific demographics and even whole populations. The setting can vary from the laboratory to the hospital bed and from densely populated urban areas to rural spaces. It includes healthcare management and innovation, addressing very local, national and even global issues. The covid-19 pandemic has shown us how quickly diseases can spread globally, but also how connected healthcare is to politics, national and international collaboration, science and technology and who the most vulnerable are. 

Health and wellbeing, is much more than pandemic disease management but is a micro and simultaneously a system level challenge. For example, it is connected to improvements in rural child mortality and to societal trends for improved, longer and healthier lifestyles, while also tackling increasing demands for more attention for better mental health.  

As a research theme there are many areas that rely on interdisciplinary approaches, where researchers can collaborate in helping to address related societal challenges.

Related SDGs

GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being
GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

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