Design Thinking Methods: Ideation and Prototyping

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Entrepreneurial thinking does not start with a business plan. We aim for a more playful approach by asking you: How much startup is in research? In this workshop, you will experiment with two Design Thinking techniques: Ideation and Prototyping. Discover these user-centric methods to yield ideas and develop them further.

You have been working on your research for a while, but haven’t figured out how to translate it into a concrete business idea? Or maybe you have many ideas and cannot decide which one to follow? Based on the Design Thinking methodology, you will try out different ideation techniques. You will learn what makes a good idea and how to formulate it for testing. 
Learning goals: 
Understand a problem as a basis for innovative ideation

  • Get to know different brainstorming methods and test them
  • Generate, evaluate and select ideas

How much startup is in your research and what does the product of this startup look like if you realise it with the help of paper, stapler, and dry noodles? You will learn Design Thinking methods and practice rapid prototyping, together with other young and creative researchers. This way, you will playfully discover the entrepreneurial potential of your doctoral or postdoctoral research project. 
Learning goals:

  • Learn about the problem-solution fit and critical function of an idea
  • Get to know different types of prototypes
  • Train your creativity and spontaneity

Date and Time
14 October from 09:00 to 14:30 CEST (incl. lunch break)

online via Zoom

Target Group
postdocs and junior professors from the ENGAGE.EU partner universities


Young Entrepreneurs in Science

We want to open up new career perspectives for highly qualified, early-career researchers and channel their expert knowledge into entrepreneurial endeavours. Through learning methods such as Design Thinking, Young Entrepreneurs in Science encourages participants to discover and share their inherent competencies and potential. The involvement of startup founders and intrapreneurs of innovation-oriented companies gives participants realistic and stimulating insights into the chances and challenges of entrepreneurial activity.

Maximum Number of Participants
25 persons

Please register until 30 September 2024 by writing to with your university email address. Please note that we can only consider registrations sent from university email accounts to ensure affiliation with an ENGAGE.EU partner university. If there will be more registrations than places available, the participants will be drawn by lot and informed by 1 October. Please find information on processing personal data in this context in our information on data protection.

This  workshop is funded by DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service.