Effective Visual Communication of Science

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Do you use visual presentations in your research? In this training, you will learn to visualize your complex research ideas and findings so your messages stand out and are more easily understood by scientists or non-scientists.

We will not focus on aesthetics but on how knowledge on human visual perception can help you create effective scientific images, slides, and posters.

You will design a graphical abstract of your research, discuss it with peer scientists in a group exercise, and get actionable advice and feedback on your own images and slides. It is an immersive workshop, comprehensive, structured, memorable, easy to follow, useful and fun.
Content:   The training is offered as blended learning that combines a self-study module and an online workshop. Participation requires investing time and effort, but you can expect a high return.
Self-study via an online platform:  5–6 hours (material will be shared one month prior to online-workshop)
•    Communicating with scientific vs non-scientific audiences
•    Visual perception and what humans find intuitive
•    Layout: simplifying comprehension through a structured layout
•    Eye-flow: effortlessly guide the audience through the design
•    Colors: how to amplify, not ‘fancify’
•    Typography for legibility, structure and aesthetics
•    Slides that amplify messages and don't distract when presenting
•    Posters: strategy and process for creating posters that attract and explain
•    Homework: you submit your images and slides for feedback.
Online Workshop:    self-study module partial completion mandatory
•    Recap and Q&A: an effective review of self-study topics and optional 1-on-1 consulting with facilitator to address your individual challenges.
•    Feedback on submitted materials: you will get actionable suggestions on how to improve your own scientific images and slides.
•    Graphical abstract drawing exercise: you will draw a sketch of your research
•    Group peer-instruction exercise: we make groups so everyone learns to give and receive informed feedback to peers.

Date and Time
19 September 2024, 09:00–13:30 CEST

online via Zoom

Target Group
postdocs and junior professors from the ENGAGE.EU partner universities


Dr. Jernej Zupanc, Founder of Seyens Ltd.
My mission is to equip and empower scientists to effectivelly visually communicate and make an impact with their research. I study eclectically, always looking for approaches from different fields that can be easily applied to science presentation. I distill the principles and practices into easily understandable and enjoyable learning experiences. Time is our most valuable resource and I aim for the training to be a worthwhile investment for participants. I hold a PhD in Computer Science from University of Ljubljana, am a Fulbright alumnus, worked as a grant evaluator for the EC and later consulted on over € 20M in successful EU grant applications. Since 2016, training scientists has become my sole professional passion.

Maximum Number of Participants
18 persons

Please register until 14 August 2024 by writing to postdocs@uni-mannheim.de with your university email address. Please note that we can only consider registrations send from university email accounts to ensure affiliation with an ENGAGE.EU partner university. If there will be more registrations than places available, the participants will be drawn by lot and informed by 15 August. Please find information on processing personal data in this context in our information on data protection.

This workshop is funded by DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service.