PhD course on Advanced Qualitative Methods

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NHH Bergen
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Please note: this course runs in 2 weeks: 8-12 April AND 27-31 May.  This course can be followed virtually, please contact the organizers via the link above about more information about this option. 


This course is designed to develop proficiency in collecting, analyzing, and reporting qualitative data, using a variety of qualitative tools and methods, including case studies, ethnography, and grounded theory. We use "how-to" books and articles that describe how to conduct qualitative research and analyze recent "exemplar" articles published in top-tier journals. The course is highly interactive. In addition to reading about methods and examining exemplars, students will practice crafting qualitative research to explore how it can effectively be used in their own dissertation projects. The course takes the students through the full cycle of qualitative research from research design to data collection, data analysis, writing it up and publishing.

Week 1: Designing and collecting qualitative research

* Design of qualitative studies

* Ethical issues during data collection

* Field work/Collecting data

  • Interviewing
  • Observations
  • Documents
  • Diaries
  • Visuals 

Between week 1 and week 2 students are expected to collect some qualitative data for the course paper.

Week 2: Interpreting and theorizing qualitative data

* Coding practices and first-order analysis

* Analyzing variance and processes

* Analyzing and interpreting social interaction

* The art of theorizing and theory development

* Writing up and presenting qualitative data

* Publishing qualitative research and making a theoretical contribution