400 members in one year

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Happy anniversary!  


Dear community,

We have just reached 2 milestones! We’re now with more than 400 people in the ENGAGE.EU research community. And the platform just had its first anniversary. We started only a year ago, with our team of 9 members in Vienna, testing ánd celebrating the brand new platform. We opened the platform and reached an amazing amount of members before we even officially launched the platform. On the 18th of April 2023 we celebrated with already 180 members in the ENGAGE.EU research community. From then onwards we have been growing steadily, now reaching 400 members. And as this is a research platform, it’s about time for some statistics and pie(charts)!


Growth in all universities, also the new partners

Last October we started with the second phase of ENGAGE.EU, which also welcomed two new partners: Hanken School of Economics and Universitat Ramon Llull. We can see that researchers from these two universities were also happy to join the ENGAGE.EU research community. The spread among universities is really good, especially when noting that some institutions are bigger than others. 

The ‘organisations’ part in our birthday cake is also a new flavor to the research community. We are introducing them to the platform and our research events, as they will play an essential role in research on societal themes. They can help with providing case-studies, events, networks etc. and alternatively will really need our help to do their work on societal challenges. 

Growth in disciplines, equal spread in research themes

We started off with 8 research themes, and were interested in finding out how well they would fit with the research interests of our community members. We gave you the opportunity to create your own research theme, but this has barely been used. We’re happy to share that all research themes have a good representation, as you can see in the pie:

Fascinatingly, we also started with a list of disciplines in the profile pages, aiming to merge disciplines after a while. However, we experienced the opposite. All disciplines are represented and people even asked to have more disciplines added to the list. It will be worth your while to look on the platform for who is in the same discipline as yours, but curiously, that person might be interested in other research themes. Do play with these filters and get inspired by new matches.

Now let’s aim for 500! Invite your colleagues to the platform to get even more out of the ENGAGE.EU research community.