Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

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I'd be happy to connect researchers who lecture similar seminars to identify possibilities to set up COIL-courses. COIL stands for Collaborative Online International Learning. Lecturers from different countries work closely together to develop learning units for students from the respective universities. Students have the opportunity to gain authentic, intercultural experience without having to change location. Moreover, researchers aka lecturers intensify their collaboration! The scope of a COIL is up to you - from a few collaborative sessions during the lecture period up to a fully integrated course concept. The beauty of COIL also lies in it's pragmatic approach towards virtual exchange: students follow courses at their home universites, take the exam at home, etc - so no enrollment at the partner university is required. It's all about collaboration within the course. 

Still not sure what I am talking about? Sure, I get this a lot :-D So let's get in touch to talk this through!  You are also welcome to join this group to find some resources and discuss Virtual Exchange and COIl: